Our real-time health data network is fully controlled by consumers, and includes 85% of U.S. hospitals and 300+ wearable devices and fitness apps.



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Guardian accelerates insurance underwriting by empowering consumers to share digital medical records

Retrieving medical records for underwriting is traditionally a slow, manual, and expensive process that results in poor applicant experience and low placement rates. By engaging consumers to electronically share their health data, Guardian was able to use digital medical records to streamline underwriting, improve consumer satisfaction, and create competitive differentiation in the marketplace. 



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Integrations with 20,000+ unique data sources in the U.S.


Clean, structured health data to power your apps and workflows

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Human API powers “bring your own device” wellness programs

Complete Wellness Solutions (CWS) offers comprehensive, interactive, and secure online wellness software products for employers, wellness clinics, hospital systems, fitness centers and more. CWS integrated the Human API network to connect fragmented health data from hundreds of wearable devices, activity trackers and health apps through one simple consumer experience. With Human API embedded into the CWS corporate wellness portal, employees at companies across the Midwest were able to seamlessly share health data from different wearable devices and apps - including Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, Strava, GoogleFit, MyFitnessPal and many others.

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Use our solutions to power your apps, digitize workflows, and deliver user experiences that health consumers love


Clinical Research

Streamline clinical trial recruitment and digitize patient registries with EHR data


Life Insurance

Accelerate life insurance underwriting with real-time health data and structured medical history


Health Plans

Engage health plan members and improve data collection for risk adjustment and quality reporting


Human API powers Omada Health

Omada Health is a digital therapeutics company that has created online behavior-change programs to address chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Because Omada members use a variety of wearable devices, activity trackers and glucose monitors, Omada leverages Human API to access a single integration point for all external wellness data, regardless of the device. The extensive Human API data network and data normalization engine enables Omada to support multiple devices with limited IT resources.


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