Our FHIR-compatible ontology is built to understand a user's health journey over time. Gain a longitudinal view of your users' health that expands as data continues to sync beyond the initial connection.

Our inference models, built upon our exhaustive view of an individual's health, help you build insight on top of the raw data.



Replace manual chart retrieval with digital EHR access

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Embed our health data API into new apps and services

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A secure way to find and share your health information

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Trusted by leading healthcare, technology and insurance enterprises



Normalized, enriched health data from thousands of sources


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Embed Human API into your business applications


Clinical Research

Streamline clinical trial recruitment and digital patient registries with connected EMR data

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Digital Health

Build the next generation of health services using a our embedded medical and wellness data APIs


Life Insurance

Accelerate life insurance underwriting with real-time health data and structured medical history


Health Insurance

Engage health plan members and improve data collection for risk adjustment and quality reporting


Healthcare Providers

Connect patient medical history and health activity from thousands of EMR, labs, pharmacies and devices


CONNECT for consumers

Embeddable UI & mobile app that enable consumers to manage the sharing of their health data

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UNITY for enterprises

Web console & API that enable enterprises to integrate, operate, and manage their Human API deployment

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