Instantly connect to EMR data and medical history

Human API provides life insurance carriers with direct access to electronic medical records (EMR) data and other clinical information from more than 35,000 data sources. Our clinical data network includes all of the major EMR portals though a single-sign-on API, embedded into the life insurance underwriting process. Human API is the one-stop-shop for all electronic healthcare data.


Replace paper medical charts and APS retrieval

Human API significantly reduces the time and cost of processing Attending Physician Statements (APS), Medication (Rx) History, and Paramedical Exams. We replace fax machines and paper charts with real-time digital health data from EMR portals, pharmacies and labs. Human API reduces the cost of medical records retrieval by more than 50% compared to offline paper methods.

Simple digital experience for consumers and brokers

Human API is embedded into the life insurance application and underwriting process. We enable consumers to easily find their medical history, connect to their Provider data sources, and instantly share this information - earlier in the underwriting cycle. We enable brokers and distribution channels to offer a better digital experience and reduce processing times.


Structured health data for underwriting automation

Human API data is structured for underwriting decision making and automation. We normalize lab values, conditions, procedures, medications, doctor's notes and other clinical information to better synthesize health data for life insurance carriers. We utilize machine learning and industry leading healthcare AI tools to make sense of medical records and bring meaning to electronic medical charts.

How it Works