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Simplify your development and user experience with one unified API that includes 300+ activity trackers, wearables, fitness apps, and medical devices

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Empower your users to track their health & fitness activity from different devices & apps. Drive employee engagement, healthy behavior change, and reduce healthcare costs


Build insights and analytics with structured wellness data to offer health assessments, health coaching, fitness challenges, and predictive diagnostics


Stakeholders across the entire health & wellness ecosystem use our API

Employers & Employees

Personal Health Assessment

Health Plan Member Engagement Platforms

Behavior Change Programs

Corporate Wellness Platforms

Lifestyle Coaching

Weight Loss Programs

Chronic Disease & Condition Management


Power your corporate wellness programs

Engage your employees to share their health data from any device or app through one Wearable API


Invite patients to connect their data

Embed the Human API user experience into your digital health app and invite users to connect their data from any source



Employees authorize data sharing

Your employees connect their wellness and activity data from our network of 300+ devices & apps



New insights and digital health services

Leverage rich clinical EHR data, medication history, lab results, and wearable device data to offer innovative new digital health services



Ongoing employee engagement

Maintain an automated, recurring connection with wearable data sources to support and encourage lasting behavior change



Invite employees to connect

Embed Human API into your wellness platform and invite people to connect their devices and apps



Track activity & health

Monitor real-time wearable device data to track activity, and clinical data to track outcomes


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Read our documentation and learn how to integrate 300+ wearable devices and fitness apps with one API


Enterprise functionality for wellness and consumer health applications 

Centralized User and Data Management

Monitor current users, new device connections, and user engagement activity


Real-time Data Pipeline

Normalize and enrich health data from various activity trackers, wearables, fitness apps, and medical devices

Your users are in full control of all their health data - and get one simple way to find, connect and share wellness data from any device or fitness app

Users can find and connect all of their health and wellness devices & apps, and manage their own data connections to authorize sharing.


Human API powers “bring your own device” wellness programs

Complete Wellness Solutions (CWS) offers comprehensive, interactive, and secure online wellness software products for employers, wellness clinics, hospital systems, fitness centers and more. CWS integrated the Human API network to connect fragmented health data from hundreds of wearable devices, activity trackers and health apps through one simple consumer experience. With Human API embedded into the CWS corporate wellness portal, employees at companies across the Midwest were able to seamlessly share health data from different wearable devices and apps - including Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, Strava, GoogleFit, MyFitnessPal and many others.