Our vision

To radically accelerate the pace of innovation in healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

Our mission

We create health data liquidity valued by customers, controlled by consumers.

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Our story

We started with two simple questions: "why can't consumers access their health data?" and "why do enterprises struggle to connect this data?". These questions inspired our vision and mission.

Human API empowers health consumers to share their health data with the companies that can provide them with better care and services. Through our large, distributed network of integrations, we've created a simple, on-demand way for everyone to exchange and use the health data they need.

We're proud to be a catalyst for data-driven, consumer-centric health care, and we're only just getting started.


Our values


Serve the Human First

Our highest calling is to put individuals in control of their own health data.  We put the human's needs, preferences and interests at the center of every choice we make.   We remember that the ultimate value we create is for consumers and the data we broker represents real people.


Own the Result

We don’t confuse activity with achievement.  We look past the pains of progress to the outcome we want to breathe life into.  We identify ways to measure that outcome. We don’t let obstacles slow us down nor create indecision; we seek to solve the most important part of the problem first.

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Be Jet Fuel

We pour positive energy into every room we walk into, every call we attend and every problem we solve. We don’t see the reasons why something will fail. We believe sweat is a choice. We have each other’s backs. Optimism? That’s just standard motor oil. We are Jet Fuel.


Broadcast Yourself

We recognize that information is only power if you tell someone. We celebrate our successes and failures by broadcasting them. We push information. Have a good meeting with a client? Tell someone. Drop a patch release? Tell everyone. And we don’t convince ourselves that just because something was written down everyone got it.

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Our team

We are a team of like-minded people who care about improving people's health through data. We come from varied backgrounds and experiences, and are working to pioneer a platform that enables the world to build the next generation of health applications.


Our partners