Our mission

To create health data liquidity controlled by the consumer

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Our story

We started with two simple questions: "why can't consumers access their health data?" and "why do enterprises struggle to connect this data?". These questions inspired our mission to create data liquidity throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Human API empowers consumers to share their health data with the entities that can provide them with better care and services. We also help those enterprises access, understand, and leverage their consumers' rich health information. Through our large, distributed network of integrations, we've created a simple, on-demand way for everyone to exchange and use the health data they need.

We're proud to be a catalyst for data-driven, consumer-centric health care, and we're only just getting started.



Our team

We are a team of like-minded people who care about improving people's health through data. We come from varied backgrounds and experiences, and are working to pioneer a platform that enables the world to build the next generation of health applications.

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