Our Data Network

Untangling the complex web of health data


Where we get data from today

We've created the world's largest real-time data network with coverage that is broader and deeper than anything else in the industry. Our network enables users to find their health and wellness data, no matter where it's originally stored.




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Who is in our Data Network?

  • Doctors

  • Health systems

  • Hospitals

  • Health insurers

  • Laboratories

  • Pharmacies

  • Health apps

  • Medical devices

  • Wearable devices

  • Wellness / fitness apps

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What data can we retrieve?

  • Conditions

  • Medications

  • Procedures

  • Encounters

  • Test results

  • Demographics

  • Social history

  • Vitals/observations

  • Organizations

  • Immunizations

  • Plans of care

  • Narratives

  • Explanation of benefits

  • Genotypes & genetic traits

  • Activity

  • Sleep

  • Meals

  • Healthcare claims



We've spent years building integrations so you don't have to

Given the diversity of underlying data sources, we take a hybrid approach to retrieving data from across the ecosystem.

Examples of methods we employ include, but are not limited to:

  • APIs, including leading standards like FHIR

  • Patient portals

  • Partnerships

  • Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

  • Offline chart retrieval

  • ...and more


ProviderGraph: The who's who for health data in the U.S.

We've built the only multi-dimensional directory of the U.S. health data landscape. This relational database is continually updating to map the complex relationships between healthcare providers, doctors, hospitals, and the rich meta data associated with each.

We do the heavy lifting to link entities in our ProviderGraph to ensure every user can seamlessly find their data regardless of where it's originally stored.

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