Our commitment to your security & privacy

We take the job of protecting your health data very seriously. We understand that you are trusting us with some of your most personal information, and we know what is at stake for each human we’re serving. Every day, we are committed to upholding our strict security and privacy philosophies to ensure your data is always safe with us.  


Our promise to health consumers

We help you share your health data only with the companies you trust. We will never send your identifiable health data to a third party without your consent. 


You are always in control

Connect and disconnect any data sources. Authorize or revoke access to any company. Save or delete all of your health data. You are the owner of your data, and you will always be in the driver's seat.


Your data is safe with us

Our secure cloud is HIPAA-compliant, and your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. All our employees go through comprehensive background checks, and our internal processes are regularly monitored and audited.


Our promise to our enterprise customers and developers


Your data is your data

We keep your confidential information as secure as we keep our own. Whether you send us information about your product roadmap or a list of your users, this is your data and we will never share it with a third party. We sign mutual confidentiality agreements with all of our enterprise partners.


We take care of your users

When you introduce a user to Human API via your product, they become a Human API user. The security and privacy of our users is our most important responsibility as an organization. You can rest assured that anyone you introduce to Human API will be taken care of.